Fast Forward MBA In Technolog Management
A John Wiley and Sons, Inc., Publication


Technology rules all aspects of our lives. As businesses link up with
customers and companies compete with each other in speed and
variety and Chief Information Officers become major players in their
organizations, wouldn't it be nice to have a quick-reference manual to
tell you how to best utilize technology to meet your goals?  
by Daniel M. Petrozzo is a small book (easily fits into your briefcase)
full of tried-and-true answers to many of your questions. Case studies
from today's leading businesses are mixed with interviews of
successful executives and highlighted "Stellar Performances."  Key
concepts are explained in every day language, how to apply the
technology to your management plan is detailed, and advice on how
to avoid pitfalls comes from the experts. You will learn which
technologies you should use and how to evaluate whether they are
working for you. This easy-to-use, fact-filled guide may become the
most valuable manual you own.
Fast Forward MBA In Technology Management is a part of the
Fast Forward MBA Series. Each volume is written by industry
leaders and contains "tough ideas made easy." Topics of other
volumes include Hiring, Business, Finance, and Marketing, as well
as a Pocket Reference.
Fast Forward MBA In Technology Management
By Daniel M. Petrozzo      ISBN:  047 12339801     Paper       $14.95
               -Laurie Lawson-
High Tech, High Hope
Turning Your Vision of Technology into Business Success
A Wiley Publication


Ten years ago hardly anyone knew what a WebSite was. Now, if you
or your company don't have one, you know you'd better get one
soon. And you're probably savvy enough to comprehend some of the
latest technological advances. But what to do with them? How can
they help your business?  The answer is in HIGH TECH, HIGH
HOPE:Turning Your Vision of Technology into Business Success
by Paul Franson.
Using real-life success stories from leading businesses, such as
Chrysler, Boeing, Federal Express, 3M, Hallmark, and Owens-Corning, 
Franson helps you separate pie-in-the-sky dreams from
proven strategies utilizing the latest technology. And we're not just
talking sales, although one chapter is entitled "Putting Willy Loman
On Steroids." Purchasing, marketing, finance, customer support, and
even personnel have taken the leap into the technological challenge. 
Written in a non-tech manner with a touch of humor, this book can be
utilized by anyone. Not only are company's designs and systems
shared, but Franson also tells you how to apply them to your own
endeavors ("The Corporate Root Canal: Implementing New
Technology"). And where else could you get opinions and advice
from the country's leading businessmen. Introducing The Upside
Series, HIGH TECH, HIGH HOPE could be one of the best
business purchases you ever made. Wiley books are available at your
local bookstore or by calling 1-800-22-5945.
High Tech, High Hope: Turning Your Vision of Technology into
Business Success
          ISBN: 0-471-23981-X
          $27.95         Cloth
               -Laurie Lawson-
The Internet Business Kit


A Wiley Publication


ISBN: 0-471-13327-2 Publish Date: September 15, 1995 $69.95 US/ $84.95 CAN

There are some things so logical and so essential that, when they finally appear, you wonder what took them so long and how you ever did without them. You're going to feel that way when you see THE INTERNET BUSINESS KIT. This complete online package will help you accelerate your business onto the fast lane of the SuperHighway quickly and inexpensively.

The kit's CD-ROM includes Chameleon Sampler software preconfigured to work with five major Internet providers and a HTML Editor for Windows. A step-by- step guide for installation will have you online within 20 minutes. Use your credit card to open an account with one of the five service providers; and you have e-mail, File Transfer Protocol, a news reader, and a Web Browser. Now you can visit THE INTERNET BUSINESS KIT Web Page, which is full of business resources, additional software, hints and tips galore. And you can create your own World Wide Web Business Pages with 15 HTML templates.

There is guidance every step of the way. Included with the kit are two invaluable books, The Internet Business Book and Marketing on the Internet, which offer a plethora of resources, suggestions for successful online businesses, and easy-to-follow instructions. And for constant updates, users can access THE INTERNET BUSINESS KIT Web Page. Priced at $69.95, this could be the wisest investment you make in your business.

Here's what you need to get started:

IBM PC or compatible with 4 megabytes of memory and a CD-ROM drive/ DOS 5.0 or higher & Windows 3.1 or higher/ A 9600-baud modem or faster/ 8 megabytes of free hard disk space/ An Internet account - and, most importantly - THE INTERNET BUSINESS KIT. Available at local bookstores, the kit can also be obtained by calling 1-800-225-5945 (in Canada 1-800-567-4797).

- Laurie Lawson-

The New Internet Business Book


A Wiley Publication


If you read our review of THE INTERNET BUSINESS KIT last year, you are aware of how essential The Internet Business Book is for anyone interested in getting their business on the SuperHighway. The Ellsworths have updated 70% of the original information and now present THE NEW INTERNET BUSINESS BOOK.

Again, you will find a plethora of material for both beginners and savvy 'Net users, as well as large and small businesses. There are step-by-step guidelines for putting a new business on the Internet, how to conduct business once you are there, and the invaluable listings of business and professional resources available on the 'Net. The updated version includes new chapters, such as "An Overview to the World Wide Web," "Web Browser Basics," and "Security, Authentication and Online Transactions." And there is an entire section devoted to World Wide Web Pages, including WebPage preparation and searching for information on the Web via Meta-Sites. Appendixes help the newcomer select hardware and software, familiarize themselves with UNIX commands, and techniques for sending, receiving and transferring files.

Written in the same easy-to-read, logical manner of its predecessor, THE NEW INTERNET BUSINESS BOOK is a must for any business owner with plans for the future.

The New Internet Business Book
Publication Date: February 23, 1996
Paper; 512 Pages
ISBN: 0-471-14160-7
$24.95 USA/$32.50 CAN

- Laurie Lawson-

Entertainment In Teh Cyber Zone:


Exploring the Interactive Universe of Multimedia

ISBN: 0-679-75804-6
Pub. Date: April 24, 1995
Pages: 416
Suggested Retail Price: $19.00 Trade Paperback

Out there in CyberSpace it can be intimidating and confusing, but the potential is awe-inspiring. Authors Chris McGowan and Jim McCullaugh have come up with a guide through the maze so the we can focus on the fun aspect. ENTERTAINMENT IN THE CYBER ZONE: EXPLORING THE INTERACTIVE UNIVERSE OF MULTIMEDIA features interactive multimedia in the entertainment world. It is the first multimedia book to combine a primer, history, reviews, and celebrity interviews under one cover.

Believing that interactive multimedia is one of the best things that could happen to entertainment, McGowan and McCullaugh show you how laser discs, CD-ROM's, and virtual reality can take you where you never imagined. Television, movies, travel, books, games, and even erotica are perfect fodder for the experiences made possible in CyberSpace; and now it is right at your fingertips. ENTERTAINMENT IN THE CYBER ZONE makes it easy to locate and simple to access.

You fell asleep before David Letterman got to his Top Ten List? No problem - you can find it in the Cyber Zone. Elvis fans who can't make it to Tennessee no longer need despair; they can visit The King's home via "Virtual Graceland." Going from room to room you can click on certain items and have an interactive experience; click on the guitar- shaped pool, and you will see home videos of Priscilla and Elvis. You can make your own music video, have personally-designed guitar lessons, compete with your favorite sports hero, dish with "cyber-celebrities" such as Danny DeVito and Shelly Duvall, play games galore, and much more!

ENTERTAINMENT IN THE CYBER ZONE will get you there and show you how to make the most of your time; it's like having a personal guide devoted to showing you a good time. Not a bad deal for $19!

-Laurie Lawson

The Penhouse Guide To Cyber Sex



Available October 1995
Paperback, Approximately 300 Pages
Free CD-ROM Sampler
Suggested Retail Price: $29.98

Long renowned for its seductive and erotic print and pictures, Penthouse Magazine enters the SuperHighway with the newly-published PENTHOUSE GUIDE TO CYBERSEX. This sizzling publication gives you all the information you will need for a titillating and tantalizing trip through Cyberspace.
Complete with an introduction by Penthouse's editor-in- chief and publisher Bob Guccione, the PENTHOUSE GUIDE will tell you how to access the Net and where to find erotic bulletin boards and World Wide Web sites. Once you are there, etiquette, general rules, and warnings; tricks for "hot chatting" and eavesdropping; a dictionary for online acronyms, expressions, and emoticons; and tips for unearthing your sexual fantasies and partners are all at your hot little fingertips. The free CD-ROM sampler is full of the sexiest adult software products available that will further enhance your journey.

And whatever your preference - from S&M to B&D to COD's (centerfolds on disk), straight or gay and everything betwixt and between - the choices are plentiful. The only drawback is that the graphics are so great that they take a while to download, but in this case, Patience = Pleasure.
- Laurie Lawson-

The Internet Gizmos For Windows



An IDG Books Worldwide Publication
ISBN: 1-56884-451-4
1008 Pages
Price: $39.99 USA/$54.99 Canada

You know how, when you first get a CD player, you join one of those clubs where you get a lot of CD's all at once - kind of like an instant collection? Well, THE INTERNET GIZMOS FOR WINDOWS could be the same boast for Internet users. This comprehensive guide comes with a CD-ROM loaded with all kinds of programs designed to make the Internet more accessible and more fun.

There are over 10 commercial software programs, including "The Internet For Everybody," "Distinct TCP/IP Sampler," "SPRY Network File Manager FTP," "CompuServe WINCIM," and "FTC SuperHighway Sampler." The freeware and shareware programs are even more plentiful - over 30 in all! WHAM, Trumpet WinSock V.1.0, PowerBBS and the Internet, and Computer Witchcraft Winmail are just a few. All can be easily transferred to your hard disk.

The guide is divided into sections that help you get started on the Internet and assist you in selecting the right provider (there are even instructions how to install the software and configure your system). The other sections give you detailed information on applications and programs, tools and resources, e-mail and conferencing, and a plethora of other enterprises available on the Internet.

THE INTERNET GIZMOS FOR WINDOWS should be at the side of every computer hooked to the Net. Instead of researching, testing, and just plain making mistakes, you can use the hours of time saved breezing down the SuperHighway.

- Laurie Lawson-

Java For C/C++ Programers





John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Publications

This reviewer is going to confess right up front that these two publications are way above her head. Designed for programmers and developers, the books contain information beyond browsing the Net. After checking with the experts, I got the following evaluations:

Both are logically organized, comprehensive, and contain helpful tips for anyone interested in creating on the Net.

THE HTML SOURCEBOOK tells you everything you ever wanted to know about Web pages, including commands, URL syntax, updated technologies, and more. You can discover how to translate almost anything into hypertext; throw in some graphics, sounds, and videos; and design all sorts of programs and forms.

JAVA FOR C/C++ PROGRAMMERS is a tool for those already familiar with Java. It comes with a disk that includes JavaScript code examples, Java applications, and utilities. Tips and applications will enhance and sharpen skills.

Both books are on the market now.

The HTML Sourcebook
ISBN: 0-471-14242-5
Paper/704 pages
$29.95 USA/$39.50 CAN

Java For C/C++ Programmers
ISBN: 0-471-15324-9
Paper/3.5 Disk/464 Pages
$39.95 USA/$55.95 CAN

                                      Laurie Lawson-

World Wide Web Marketing


Marketing Strategy Integrating the Internet into your
A Wiley Publication

By now we all have heard of the SuperHighway, the Internet, and Cyberspace; and businesses of all sizes are scrambling to become a part of what inevitably will be the wave of the future. And because the concept is so new and relatively untested, there is much confusion. WORLD WIDE WEB MARKETING: INTEGRATING THE INTERNET INTO YOUR MARKETING STRATEGY by Jim Sterne will put you a few steps ahead of the competition. If you own a business or are an executive in charge of marketing, this is a must-have.

WORLD WIDE WEB MARKETING starts out by giving you an "Executive Summary" of the Internet and the Web, including how to design a Web Site and attract attention, how to measure success, and even some of the "thorny issues." With an emphasis on drawing and servicing customers, Sterne gives you step- by-step instructions for creating graphics, interaction and feedback techniques, and marketing strategies.

This book is so comprehensive that you will be able to decide whether the Internet is where you want your business to advertise. Chapters entitled "The Dark Side of the Net," "It Wouldn't Be a Web Without Spiders," and "The Penalty for Misbehavior" present a realistic picture of problems you may encounter. But, if conducted properly, marketing on the Web has massive potential. For those willing to leap into the future, WORLD WIDE WEB MARKETING lends an assisting hand.

World Wide Web Marketing
Paper ISBN: 0471128430
Publication Date: 11/17/95
Paper Price: $24.95

-Laurie Lawson-
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1996 E L J,Inc.

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