A Kodak Christmas



The EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY highlighted some of the innovative and exciting products and services that will be available for the holiday season at its "Christmas in June" event in New York City on June 20th. Preserving memories for people since 1889, KODAK has come up with plenty of ideas to make picture taking fun and easy in 1995.

Beginning in November consumers who purchase the new "Cinderella" video or any of the videos in Disney's Masterpiece Collection along with Kodak film can receive discounts, thanks to a collaborative venture with Disney. And for great gift-giving ideas, Kodak will be packaging some of its film in specially-designed Disney tins.

Teaming with TYCO, one of the nation's top toy makers, Kodak has created a new line of KODAK FOR KIDS science and discovery toys. The "Camera FX System" is an easy-to-load 110 camera with an attachment lens that creates special effects (approximately $25). The "Microscope Set" includes a 25x and 100x microscope with a plethora of laboratory accessories, such as a petri dish, specimen vials, slides, tweezers, etc. (approximately $40). Another fun accessory, the "Flexible Flashlight," can be purchased for use with the "Microscope Set" ($8). The "Videoscope Set" will allow children to view their specimens on an 8 1/2-inch video screen. The 40x videoscope and accessories will retail for approximately $50. Kids eight years and up will be delighted.

And Kodak hasn't left out the adults in its holiday plans. Their Fun Saver One-Time-Use 35mm Cameras come pre-loaded with film, are lightweight, pocketable, and easy enough for a child to use. Choose from the "Open Me First" in holiday packaging, the "Daylight" and "Flash" versions of their pocket cameras, the "Weekend" (plastic-encased for sports photos, including underwater up to 12 feet), the "Panoramic," and even the "Wedding Party Pack" (five floral-and-lace designed cameras), all reasonably priced.

The fun has just begun after you've taken your pictures. Three new Kodak digital imaging systems make it possible for you to enhance and personalize your photos from prints or negatives. The Copyprint Station makes reprints and enlargements in minutes, and you select from 25 colorful frames for each one. The Creation Station lets you edit; crop; add text, graphics, and borders; and create greeting cards, photo calendars, cartoons, and newspaper headings from your prints, slides, negatives, or photo CD discs. Working with in-store experts, the Digital Enhancement Station 100 can provide more advanced editing, such as "red eye" removal and scratch reduction.

And under the category of "Pure Genius" comes the KODAK PhotoFile Index System. Upon request, your negatives can now be packaged with an "index print" of your processed pictures. Every picture on the roll with matching negative frame numbers are displayed in glorious color. No more holding negative strips up to the light looking for a certain picture. Requesting reprints has never been easier, and imagine how much more efficient organizing and storing negatives will be! So from beginning to end, KODAK has developed items and services designed to make our holidays memorable. For more information, call the Kodak Information Center at 1-800- 242-2424.
- Laurie Lawson-

Accelerating Onto The Super HighWay


5000 Bradford Drive
Huntsville, AL 35805
Phone: 1-800-365-6456
Fax Back Service: (205) 430-8894
BBS: (508) 261-1058

A press conference was held in New York City on November 1st to announce that Motorola will be hitting the retail market with new modems for laptops, notebooks, and palmtops. Banking on their tremendous success with cellular phones and paging systems, Motorola will be targeting individual businesses, professionals, mobile executives, and home users. With an estimated 47% of computers sold this year being used in the home, Motorola predicts that it will maintain its status as a leader in data communications.

The Lifestyle Series 14.4 PCMCIA Modem, retailing at $279, allows you to send and receive faxes, files, and email, as well as connect with online services anytime. The Power Series 14.4 PCMCIA Cellular Modem, retailing at $339, is designed to work with cellular phones and provides fax, email, and download capabilities. Cellular control has been enhanced with reduced line noise and improved data reliability.

Both series have enhanced error and data correction, lower power consumption, ease of use and application, and a high level of support service, including toll-free numbers, fax back service, and bulletin board service. These easy-to-install modems are the size of a credit card. Each modem includes a "Communication Toolkit" which will provide Delrina WinFax/WinCom software, a free one- month subscription to America OnLine, CompuServe, Prodigy, and Reuters Money Network. Both modems carry a five-year warranty. Just in time for Christmas, the Lifestyle and Power Series will be available at major retail locations within the next two weeks.

- Laurie Lawson-

Still Taking The World's Greatest Pictures


At a press conference at Tavern on the Green in New York City on June 15th NIKON announced two new entries in their Electronic Imaging product line.

The NIKON LS-1000 SuperCoolscan will bring professional scanning applications to Mac and PC users. This desktop 35mm film scanner scans color or black/white negatives and transparencies with superb speed. NIKON's high-powered LED (light emitting diode), autofocus, 12-bit A/D conversion, and special optics produce sharp high-quality images that are synonymous with the NIKON name. Suggested retail price for SuperCoolscan is $2,695, putting it well within reach of the mainstream marketplace. The SF-100 Automatic Slide Feeder is the perfect companion to this remarkable scanner. Attaching to the SuperCoolscan and feeding up to 50 slides unattended, well over a Gigabyte per hour can be scanned (suggested retail price - $685).

The other new imaging innovation, LS-4500AF, is a multi-format, desktop film scanner generating formats from 35mm to 4x5 inches. Designed for pre-press and other professional graphics, a high-definition dual-optical scanning head gives maximum performance at both ends on positive and negative. LS- 4500AF renders a fast color preview and main scan, and the Nikon Scan software for Mac OS and Windows 3.1 automatically performs density and color balancing. Combined with autofocus, 360 degree rotation film carriers, and a front-loading design, scanning diverse formats is a simple operation.

For more information on these products, contact the Nikon Electronic Imaging Department at 516-547-4355.

- Laurie Lawson/E.Vincent Jeffers-

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